Sunday, January 13, 2013

November 10th - Western New York Lodge or Research - Bro. Joshua Keim Speaks on the "Lewis"

The "Lewis" something European Masons know about but we American Masons have limited exposure to. Bro. Joshua Keim brought his work on the subject to the Western New York Lodge of Research to enlighten us on this neglected topic. It was an Bro. Keim's first educational program and as member of the audience I was very impressed. Bro. Keim lectured on not only the operative nature of the Lewis but the ritual origin of it in Masonry. The practice of making the son of a Mason a member was something I knew about but methods used were not something I had ever heard of until Bro. Keim spoke on it. Bro. Keim went deep into Egyptian Rite and French Rite Freemasonry and how deeply important the Lewis was to their practice.

I would advise talking to Brother Keim about his work. It was wonderfully put together and engaging. I have been a more then a few Discussion groups this topic brought on some wonderful conversation. 

W:. Daniel J. Di Natale

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