Monday, January 30, 2012

Harmonie Rings

For the last few years The R.J.K Fellowcraft Club has been selling our bespoken Lodge rings to our membership. This year we have hit a new high in customization for our rings. We have a choice between two ring styles, the simple cigar band (at top) and the square engraved (at bottom). The above pictures are the styles from other Lodges custom work. The Harmonie Lodge rings are the same design, with our Lodge name and number in the middle with the square and compasses without a "G" in the center.

The cigar band can be customized to to any standard men's ring size. It is highly buffed and can be customized with a variety of symbols next to the Lodge seal. You can choose from a square and compasses, a skull and crossbones, a plumb, a trowel or nothing at all. It is all up to you.

The square engraved style can also be made to any standard men's size ring. As said by the designer of this ring "This is the highest level of design he has accomplished." They are beautiful and comfortable wear. You have the choice of three different styles of sides, as pictured above. We have the privilege of having a new design this year, the amazing skull and crossbones. A surprise for our older members, I am currently working on a customized side design for our Paster Masters for this ring style. We will soon have a customized Harmonie Lodge Past Masters Ring!!!!

Each ring is $125.00 with shipping included. If you know your size just drop me a line and we can have one (or two) ordered up for you. Payment can be made at our website or cash/check at the Club meetings.

Remember, not only will you have some of the best custom made Masonic regalia available, you will be supporting the R.J.K and Ward A. Peterson Fund with your purchase.

These rings are made by a Mason for a Mason, all in the U.S.A.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The History & Symbolism of Masonic Tracing Boards

On Wednesday, January 18th Bro. Daniel J. Di Natale, of Harmonie Lodge's Concordia Collegium: Academy of the Progressive Science of Freemasonry, will be presenting a lecture on the "History & Symbolism of Masonic Tracing Boards" at Charlotteville Lodge No. 73 in Newfane, New York. Dinner is at 6:30pm with the lecture to follow at 7:30pm. "Masonic Tracing Boards are training devices. In the earliest days ofspeculative Masonry, the Master used to sketch designs on the floor of theLodge before the meeting using chalk. Then he would talk about the drawingduring the meeting. . . However, this sort of preparationwas a time-consuming, laborious and difficult task; and in time it appears thatthe hand drawn diagram was replaced by a floor cloth on which the 'standarddesigns' were available ready to be talked about. Floor cloths (which aresometimes referred to as 'the Master’s Carpet') occupied significant space inthe Lodge, however; and as the ritual became increasingly better developed andmore important during the course of the 18th century the standardized drawingsseem to have been transferred (at least in England) to the 'Tracing Boards,' one Board for each Degree, which are pictures that encapsulate the symbols ofeach of the Degrees." - W. Kirk MacNulty (Masonic Tracing Boards and the Western MetaphysicalTradition, 1996)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Four Part Lecture Series @ Western New York Lodge of Research

Harmonie Lodge's Concordia Collegium: Academy of the Progressive Science of Freemasonry is honored to have been selected to present a 4-Part Lecture Series at the Western New York Lodge of Research this year.

  • January 14 - "Freemasonry & the American Revolution"
  • February 11 - "Masonic Renaissance Movements" by Bro. Daniel J. Di Natale
  • March 10 - "The Adventure of Freemasonry" by Bro. Ryan S. Bonnett
  • April 14 - "The Influence of Greek Philosophy on Freemasonry" by W:. Nathan A. Shoff

Lectures will be held at 10:00 a.m. on the second Saturday of the month, January through April. The February lecture will be a stated communication held at the Cheektowaga Masonic Center, all other lectures will be held at the Erie Country Masonic Service Bureau.