Thursday, February 27, 2014

R.J.K.F.C Educational Program - R:. W:. and V:.W:. Steve Joyce - Masonic Formation - February 26, 2014

This is an absolutely amazing program. As many Masons know there is a national movement towards restoring Freemasonry as the life changing mystery school that it was always intend to be. This movement has many faces and much like Masonry many voices and opinions. R:.W:. Joyce's program highlights the process of internalization that is expected from a man that enters our organization. What is really amazing about this program his R:.W:. Joyce highlights the practices as well ash the expectations from the Lodge and those interested in membership. I cannot say enough good things about this lecture. R:.W:. Joyce added much deeper content from when he gave it at the Western New York Lodge or Research. Ever being the showman he ended the program with an upcoming part two to his program. Looks like we will be inviting him back next year for part two. I cannot wait to have him back over.

Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale

Opening Slide

Amazing Quote 

Left to Right - R:.W:. Steve Joyce, Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale, Bro. Donald Monheim

Wor. D at the bar

Mr. President

Buffalo Trace is the new Official Beverage of the Lodge

Brothers around the bar before the communication. 

Wine with Neal! February 23, 2014

Classy french fries with Champaign. 

The Kaminskis 

Das Kiems

Mr. President - Bro. Donal Monhiem

The group in Neal's Wine Room - Brand new and expanded location. 

The Chapins

The Hornbegers

The Master and his lady

The red light only adds to the atmosphere of group dinning.

Bro. Keim, in what maybe the best photo I have taken of him. 

Bro. Ben gives it two thumbs up. 
The man himself - Bro. Neal 
Back by the popular demand of the ladies of Harmonie Lodge is "Wine with Neal." Even more exciting than trying new wines this event was held in Bro. Neal's amazing new location on 5272 Main Street Williamsville, New York 14221. Braking from his last tasting Bro. Neal did a simple wine and food paring. It was wonderful and his gluten free brownies are amazing. His home made fries were pretty delicious too. The Brothers and their ladies had a blast Bro. Neal always puts on a good show. Like last time the group went out to dinner after the tasting. Dinner with the family was a wonderful way to end the evening. Also like last time the ladies have again demanded another night with Neal. Do your best to come on out to the next one!

Wor. Daniel Di Natale

Eggertsville Grand Island Lodge No. 1138 - American Patriots Table Lodge - February 18, 2014

What could be more fitting of American Masonry than to celebrate our Brother Patriots? The Brothers of Eggertsville Grand Island Lodge No. 1138 in celebration of the 282nd Birthday of Brother George Washington and all those brave patriots that have served this country held a Table Lodge in their honor. I have attended many Table Lodges and this Patriots celebration is very unique to Erie County Masonry a true EGI original. Wor. Koller and Bro. Seigal (the cook) put on a wonderful event. The food was very well done and the Table Lodge program was a true celebration of our Brothers that gave their all in service to our country. I very much look forward to next years!

Wor. Koller reads the roll of Patriots 

Bro. Siegal does what he does best! Masonic chef and kitchen guru. 

The food! 

Wor. Hough and Wor. Koller

Honored Past Masters of EGI