Saturday, July 27, 2013

German Table Lodge Coverage - July 24, 2013


Epic is the only way to describe this years Table Lodge. We were so fortunate to welcome close to 60 Brothers this year. This easily was the largest one ever held by our Lodge. We were so honored to welcome four sitting Masters of Lodges,

W:. Clark Stickland - Palmer Lodge No. 372 - Fort Erie, Ontario - Flagship of Niagara B
W:. Harry A. Campbell - Ancient Landmarks Lodge No. 358 - 1st Erie
W:. Eric Kocis - Ken-Ton Lodge No. 1187 - 1st Erie
W:. John Backaus - Enchanted Mountain Lodge No. 252 - Cattaragus Masonic District
V:.W:. (R:.W:.) Steve Joyce - AGL of Cattaragus Masonic District

With each of the Masters came many of their Brethren. Of those attending only about half were members of Harmonie. This is a first time for the Lodge to welcome so many guests to our table. Something the Lodge hopes will continue into the future.

The Table Lodge was even more wonderful, in that it was the first visitation of our Canadian Brothers from Palmer Lodge. Last year it was purposed by R:.W:. Douglas Lauder, Past D.D.G.M Niagara B District and Member of Palmer, that our Lodges should extend the bounds of fellowship further and become sister Lodges. This idea was warmly received by the Lodge and this was the first of many events between our Lodges. In commemoration of the event W:. Di Natale gifted W:. Stickland with a Harmonie Lodge tie (the sold out ones from Bro. Gomez of FraternalTies) and the last of the Ward A. Peterson Commemoration Apron. This new relationship is something that one the Lodge welcomes and cherishes. We hope to see them much in the coming months and years.

The food this year was amazing. Bro. Michael P. Guzak, Bro. Anthony Marchilioli and Bro. Christopher Samul out did it this year. The Lodge went to great length to not only keep it authentic but keep it in Buffalo. The sausages were from Spars, the beer from Pearl Street (their Brew Master has a thing for the old German Breweries in Buffalo) and the spatzel from Scharfs. Each of these places is part of the iconic Buffalo German heritage that so defines Harmonie Lodge in the back drop of Buffalo history.  It was wonderful! With 5 types of authentic German sausages and mounds of spatzel the real feel of a German beer hall was definitely felt. Let us not forget the work of our Stewards that keep our glasses full, Bro. Anthony Marchiloi and Bro. Daniel Augustnek.

The event went long into the night, though we did not beat our record of 30 toasts, the merriment and joy found is something that will enter into the legends of Harmonie Lodge. Bro. Nonso Ilogu took over 350 pictures, a few of which are posted here. Many more will follow on the Lodge site and facebook.

For those that missed the event, I am sorry that you did. This was a wonderful event and one of the best Table Lodges we have held. The Lodge deeply looks forward to having many more share in this event next year.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Feast of Saint John - Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club - June 29, 2013

My Brothers,

What a wonderful St. John’s Day! The Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club really put their best foot forward this year. Bro. Donald Monheim, our President, did a wonderful job organizing and getting the Brothers and their guests out and in force. We welcomed two of our Brothers from Livingstone Lodge all the way from Colden and had many wonderful guests that were interested in sharing the day with us. With 25 Brothers and guests this was a very successful St John’s Day.

It started grey and rainy but ended as one of the nicest days I have seen this summer. The food was our finest yet. For $25 you would be hard pressed to find a steak as fine or it cooked so well as with Bro. Dennis McMullen at the grill. It was magical! One of the finest steaks I have had. After our celebratory feast we ventured over to the “Eternal Flame” hiking trail . This hike has turned into a tradition over the years we have had the St. Johns feast at Chestnut Ridge. With the rain this year the creek levels were much higher and with the flame flickering behind the flowing waterfall it was a true demonstration of the harmony found in nature. As in past years the Brothers climbed the rock-face that overlooks  the falls. Seems this year Bro. Bryaton West had a bit of scare, falling some 50 feet but quickly spring back up as if nothing happened. A true feat! I also hear there were some spirited games of Can-Jam had.

A wonderful event and it gets better each year. I look forward to seeing more Brothers and guests out next year to share in this wonderful day. More pictures to follow on the R.J.K site ( Thanks so much to Bro. Jerry Kong for his work as photographer. He is a wizard behind the camera.

W:. Daniel J. Di Natale


W:. Daniel J. Di Natale Speaks for the The Steuben Society of America - Samuel Helm Unit #144 - June 19, 2013


Harmonie as a member of the Buffalo German Community used to be a very big deal for the city and the Lodge. It seems as the German population decreased and our Lodge’s membership evolved past the German community our involvement waned. This is a tragedy as Harmonie is one of the oldest remaining German heritage groups left in Buffalo.

W:. Daniel J. Di Natale (obviously not of overtly German descent but his grandma is German! It counts.) was invited to speak at the The Steuben Society of America - Samuel Helm Unit #144 Buffalo, a newly formed group of Buffalonians of German descent . Unlike other heritage groups this one is compose of much younger members much like our Lodge. They invited W:. Di Natale to speak on the history of German Freemasonry in Buffalo and its role in the formation of our city. It was a wonderful conversation held around the dinner table at the Black Forest Adler (Located at 2447 Niagara Falls Blvd Amherst , NY 14228 – amazing German food.) It was wonderful to share the rich German heritage that Harmonie Lodge has preserved over the years. The program was well received by the group. They were a wonderful! Make sure to check them out on Facebook - search The Steuben Society of America - Samuel Helm Unit #144 or check out their national page

What makes it even more fun is the Baron Von Steben was also a Freemason.