Monday, July 28, 2014

German Table Lodge - July 23, 2014 - Welcoming the Right Worshipful Jeffrey M. Williamson, Deputy Grand Master and the Grand Line

Every year when I report on the German Table Lodge I say "It was the best one yet." It is hard to believe but each year we really do get better and this year is no exception. The bar has been raised and history has been made. Thank you Worshipful Joshua Keim and Worshipful Fredrick G. Clark II. Our Master and Senior Warden built the right team of professionals to give us a meal and event that was simply over the top. 

Special thanks need to go to Brother J.J Alfieri and his cook "Red" from Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar. They built the menu, took care of all the cooking, and paired the top shelf German beer with the meal. They did an amazing job, both at the bar and with the meal. This was some of the best German food we have had at a Table Lodge and with a modern take on old German classics was really something special. The fan favorite this year was shockingly the pickled eggs, limburger, and liverwurst plate before dinner. Once you try them you will understand. It might not smell good but I assure you all are delicious.

This year's Table Lodge was special for a lot of reasons. We welcomed the largest gathering we have ever had, around 65 Brothers and friends gathered around the table. In attendance we had Right Worshipful Jeffrey M. Williamson, Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Richard Kessler, Grand Lecturer, Right Worshipful James Kintzel, Deputy Grand Marshall, Right Worshipful Christopher Hough, Junior Grand Deacon, Right Worshipful Michael E. Storck, District Deputy Grand Master - First Erie District, and Right Worshipful Robert Drzewucki, Grand Sword Bearer. Along with many Masters of Lodges some from as far as Canada. None had travel so far as our Brewmaster for the evening Brother Eric Jacisin. Brother "Jace" move back home to Wisconsin a few years back and has not been to his Mother Lodge since then. It was wonderful to have him home and leading the table with many toasts.

With the Deputy Grand Master in attendance the Lodge felt it right to show our appreciation for all of Right Worshipful Willaimson's dedication and efforts for the Masonic fraternity. Few will ever be able to show such a Masonic record of achievement as he has. He is an inspiration for young Masons everywhere. To honor him the Lodge commissioned a oak gavel commemorate his visit. With the Harmonie Lodge Coat of Arms on one side and our word of commemoration on the other. After Worshipful Keim presented the gift the Deputy Grand Master gave a wonderful speak about the history of the old German Lodges of Buffalo and how proud he is to see their legacy continued in the last of the "three sisters" - Harmonie Lodge.

Really making this night something even more special it was the 84th birthday of Worshipful Milton Keim, D.S.A. This year is also his 60th year of service to the Masonic Fraternity. The Lodge sang him happy birthday in German and toasted to his good health and dedication to Harmonie Lodge. Few in our history can say they have given so much and work so hard for the Lodge. He is an inspiration and a solid role model, not just for Masons but men everywhere. He too gave an impressive speech abut where the Lodge has been and where we are now. Much has change in is years of service and his perspective on history as well as our future encourage all young Masons to reach for more.

We took 583 pictures. I am editing them as we speak and I hope to have the best up on the site in the coming weeks. Until then please enjoy these choice shots of the event. If you missed it, I am so sorry and I hope to see you next year!

Very Worshipful Bro. Daniel J. Di Natale


Pickled Eggs

Wor. Keim gives the Harmonie Lodge Gavel to Right Wor. Williamson 

Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale and Right Wor. Richard J. Kessler

Wor. Keim photobombs Right Worshipful Storck

Proof Bro. Budowski got to seat at the table this year

Wor. Milton Keim, D.S.A Addresses the Table Lodge - Happy Birthday! 

Wor. Zack Munger of Living Stone Lodge No. 255

Right Wor. Storck and Right Wor. Williamson at the Head Table

Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale, Right Worshipful Richard J. Kessler, Right Wor. Micheal E. Storck, and Right Wor. Jeffery Williamson 

The Food! 

The Brothers Gathering Before the Feast 
The Gavel Coat of Arms

The Inscribed Side 

German Table Lodge 2014 Logo

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Erie Masonic Districts Lancaster, New York Independence Day Parade

Bro. Monheim and Right Worshipful Peters leading the Charge 

Pur Very Own Ward A. Peterson The Legend Lives On 

The Right Worshipful D.D.G.M and His Lady

Wor. Keim and His Son

The Harmonie Masonmobile

The Monarch! Right Worshipful Chapman in the Grotto Car

Very Worshipful Di Natale Holding the Banner

Very Worshipful Di Natale and Lady Gallo

The Brothers at the Head of the Line
There could have been no more perfect day for a parade. The weather was just wonderful and with all the heavy rain the last few weeks it was a welcomed change and right on the Fourth of July. It has been a long time since the Lodges of the Erie Districts got together to march for the Fourth. Bro. Jon Korta and Bro. Don Monheim felt that this was something that needed to change. I thank them for their efforts because they are 100% right. I think we have a new tradition.

This was an amazing afternoon out. The Village of Lancaster has held a Fourth of July Parade since conceivable memory. Last few years they have been get smaller but with the perfect weather and larger Carnival on Central the whole Town was out. Easily some 5,000 plus lining the ways up Court to Central Ave. The crowd was wonderful and responded well the the group of some 20 Masons and their families. This event was opened to all in the Masonic family, with the State Sweet Heart, D.D.G.M, A.G.L, and Grand Sword Bearer all marching with the Lodges in attendance.

There were a lot of issues to get this off the ground. The first parade we were going to march in got canceled and the shirt company canceled our at the lat second.  The quick thinking of Bro. Monheim and Bro. Korta saved this event and got a wonderful shirt. The shirts are being sold as a fundraiser for the Livingston Library and we have more available. If you are interested follow the link and purchase one!

See you next year!  Bro. Dan Di Natale

Erie Masonic Districts Officers Apron Presentation - June 27, 2014

The Brothers of Harmonie Show Their Support

The Right Worshipful Jeffery Williamson, Deputy Grand Master, with Both Erie District Teams

Very Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale and Lady Gallo 

Right Worshipful Storck and Very Worshipful Di Natale in a Selfie

Its the Selfie 

Life in the Erie Districts has been changing. Changing so much to the better. The support, involvement, and communication between Lodges is at its highest in years. Many of our veteran members have stated that things are starting to feel like they did in the old days. A feat considering that the Erie District were three, with 49 Lodges, and held some 10,000 Brothers in the heydays. Not that quantity is the goal but from what I can gather the quality was their too.

This apron presentation was a wonderful statement of how we in the Erie Districts take our Masonry. We welcomed 145 Brothers, their ladies, family, and guest to the Millennium Hotel. The attendance was at its highest in years and the enthusiasm was impressive. As a recipient in this ceremony, I cannot say thank you enough. The Masonic Purple Association of Erie County did an amazing job making all those being honored this evening feel so special. I know with the support felt at this event that the next two years of service will be a wonderful and special time!

Congratulations to:
R∴W∴ Michael E. Storck - D.D.G.M 1st Erie District
R∴W∴ Hohn B. Haslam. Sr. - D.D.G.M 2nd Erie District
R∴W∴ Gary Galbreath - Grand Steward
R∴W∴ Robert Drzewucki - Grand Sword Bearer
R∴W∴ Frank C. Rice II - Trustee, Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library
V∴W∴ Daniel J. Di Natale - A.G.L 1st Erie District
V∴W∴ Joel T. Burkley - A.G.L 2nd Erie District
V∴W∴ Gerald T. Coleman - Moderator Erie County School of Instruction

Thank You! Bro. Daniel J. Di Natale

There was dancing. Worshipful Keim has Moves. A Warning to All.