Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cornerstone Award to W:. Bro. Alios Altendrofer

Dear Brothers,

It was my distinct pleasure to witness the Cornerstone Award be issued to W:. Bro. Alios Altendrofer. W:.Bro. Altendrofer has served Harmonie as Master 11 times. He is the longest serving Master that Harmonie has ever had. It it was not for his service, what would become the Harmonie of today may never have happened. It is for this reason that Worshipful Fredrick G. Clark II honored him today. If any of the Brothers would like to reach out to Louie, just drop the Secretary a line for his contact information. Louie loves a visit from his Brothers.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recap: The 7th Annual Ward A. Peterson Charity Pool Tournament

My Brothers,

What an amazing event! We had over 30 friends and Brothers that attended this event. This is the largest turnout the pool tournament has ever had. I want to personaly thank Bro. Burgess for manning the bar, Bro. Samuel, McMullen and Keim for running the bracket, Bro. Chapin for taking care of the money and each Brother that help during the night. This was the smoothest event I think we have ever had. All the Brothers came together and it made for a special night. I also want to thank the generosity of each of the Brothers that donated to the event. Your gift made is possible for this event to be as much fun as it was.

I have been getting calls, text and emails about how thankful people were to me for running such successful event. Please, don't thank me I really didn't do anything. It was the Brothers of Harmonie, all of us, that made this such a successful event. I think we even made a few friends that now have a better idea of what is meant by the "Mystic Tie" and true fellowship of man.

We are still getting the final count from Bro. Chapin for the donation to the Ward A. Peterson Fund. From what I have heard from Bro. Chapin this was the largest amount raised for the Ward, ever. We should be very proud of that.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brother Kelly's Auto Emblems

Hello Brothers,

Our own Brother Steve Kelly has designed a very nice auto emblem for your car or anywhere a Masonic emblem can go. No fooling around, these things are huge about 5 inches in diameter. I spoke with Brother Kelly and he is even working on ways to customize the emblem with your Lodge's name on them. They are made of high quality resin and hand painted by Brother Kelly himself. I am sure if you talk to him he may even be able to give you a custom painted job. I know he is planning on having a few available at the pool tournament on the 22nd. These are Made by a Brother for a Brother. You can't beat that. if you would like one he is taking order in person or over Facebook. I believe he will have them on ebay soon.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My Dear Brothers,

Each month I try to bring you a review of the finest in Masonic Regalia. This month have a special review of my favorite producer of Masonic Aprons, in my opinion the best United States, Brother William Ellis (Delton Lodge No.105 F and A. M of Georgia) of Brotherhood Aprons.

I found Brother Ellis when he was first getting started on ebay. I found a few aprons he made, nothing crazy just ultra high quality plain white apron for dress wear. I fell in love with the craftsmanship as soon as I got my first in the mail. In fact each year since, our Candidate's Aprons have been made by him. Each year our candidates, visitors and Brethren can’t believe the quality of the Aprons. They are just that amazing.He is also the only craftsmen I know that makes true white lambskin aprons (other company state it is but in the fine print it states "lambskin like product").

I had read many books and have seen the amazing works of art that once were Masonic Aprons. I discovered that it used to be common Masonic practice to have your own custom Apron, an Apron made by you representing your love of the Craft. I want something like that so badly and I found it in Brother Ellis’s work. I have 5 Aprons that he has made for me other the years and I wear them every chance I get. Brother Ellis is a joy to work with and has helped me develop many of the custom items our Lodge has in it's collection.

His Aprons are made by him and his wife, all in the USA. The best part of it is his pricing. His Aprons are priced a fifth of what other Masonic Regalia companies charge and his quality is vastly superior. Even better, what you can dream he can design.I have yet to stump him on a design and each one I send only comes back better then what I designed.

Brother Ellis has helped me make my vision of custom Masonic Aprons for Harmonie a reality. I have strongly recommended that each new Brother (and others on the sideline) have one made for him to wear to Lodge after their rising and beyond. Make it a point to visit his webpage and talk to him about your very own custom apron. He just got a new printing machine and from what I have seen the design is only bound by what you can think up.