Sunday, August 17, 2014

1st Degree of Masonry - August 13, 2014

1st Degree Class of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 - August 2014 
As the immediate Past Master of Harmonie Lodge and now Assistant Grand Lecturer good work is something I have grown accustom to seeing. I am so proud to see the work that Harmonie is doing right out of the gate under our new leadership team. Wor. Joshua Keim put on one of the finest 1st Degrees I have seen and that includes while being in the East. Wor. Keim nailed it! He pulled out the stops and got Brothers that the Lodge has not seen in years to perform some of the work. True ritualist and it was wonderful to see them doing the parts they know so well again. Bro. B.J Lyons did the Historical Lecture as only he can and it was something to see. We also saw the return of Bro. Ryan S. Bonnett who helped with the Questions and Answers.

The Lodge welcomed Right Wor. James Kintzel, Deputy Grand Marshal, and all the Entered Apprentices from his home Lodge of Western Star. We welcomed our Ditrcit Deputy, the Right Wor. Micheal E. Storck, as well at the District Deputy from Second Erie, Right Wor. John Haslem. We even had a staff officer, Right Wor. Robert Drezucki, Grand Sword Bearer. All in all, we had some 20 plus guests. Making this a packed Degree and something very special for our newest Brothers.  

Lets not forget the reason why we do this, our new Brothers. We brought in six wonderful men to our Grand Fraternity and I look forward to seeing their progress in the Degrees.

Let us welcome -
Bro. Vince Zaleski
Bro. Michael Russell
Bro. Patrick Duquin
Bro. Harold Screven
Bro. Scotty Ceriani
Bro. Eric Davis