Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Master Works - April 10, 2014

As part of the proficiency work in becoming a Master Mason at Harmonie Lodge the Brother must complete a "Master Work." This work can take many forms, we have had poems, songs, art, woodworking and academic papers in the past. The theme that ties each together is that each work must show what the Brother has learned during his three degree; granted becoming a Master is a lifetime process. This shows the Lodge our newest Brothers path on that road. The Lodge has been doing this as part of our Concordia Collegium  education program for the last five years and each year the bar goes up a little more. This year was one of the most impressive showings yet.  The Lodge is proud to welcome these men and is very impressed by their work. 

Brother J. J Alfieri and Brother Brad Wagner - Master Work - Masonic Pub Culture 
Lecturing tag team - Bro. Wagner and Bro. Alifieri
The feast! 

This was a wonderful incorporation of Masonic history and historical reconstruction. It is often overlooked that Freemasons first held their communications in local pubs. Taking inspiration from this history, Bro. Wagner and Bro. Aliferi presented the Lodge a history of Colonial Freemasonry and their early meeting places, bars! This history shared between those planning the American Revolution and the places that Masons used to hold their communications is just incredible. Building on the history, the Brothers provided the Lodge a colonial feast that would have been found in the bars of our Founding Fathers and Masonic Brothers.  The meal was constructed by Bro. Alifieri's cook Mr. Frank from Duke's Bohemian Grove on Allen in Buffalo. This was a wonderful presentation and killer meal! 

Brother Brian Fabian - "699" Family, History and Krupnik  
Bro. Fabian and his Krupnik
This was one of the best presentations from the heart the Lodge has seen. Bro. Fabian gave a wonderful talk about Polish tradition of making krupnik. This beverage is made from vodka, honey and spices. In Buffalo it is a common adult beverage but outside of a large polish community it is fairly unknown. Like many regional items this beverage has different recipes and change family to family as explained by Bro. Fabian. He ties this all together by sharing that this krupnik was this Masonic family's recipe, made for us by him. He relayed how deeply the degrees have effected his feeling on Brotherhood and how even being a member for only a year or so has already been deeply impacted. In his recipe he incorporated corn based vodka, honey wine and oil  - a true Masonic beverage. This was some of best krupnik the Lodge has had! 

Brother Nick Hornberger - Wage Bowls 

Three Wage Bowls made of the Finest Hardwood 

Bro. Hornberger - Woodworker 
Bro. Hornberger is a man of few words. His work speaks all for itself. He spoke of being deeply impacted by the bowls used in the Chamber of Reflection before his 1st Degree. He reflected on the wages used in the 2nd Degree and felt that his talents in woodworking could furnish the Lodge with suitable vessels to hold these items of deep importance. He was 100% right. This amazing hand turned bowls will be used to hold wages during the 2nd Degree lecture. The pitcher does not do these items justice, the craftsmanship is just amazing.