Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saint John's Day - June 21, 2014 -

Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale Presents $1,000 to Right Wor. Griff Jones and Mrs. Victoria Cataldo of the Masonic Care Community of New York 

Right Wor. Storck, Right Wor. Haslem, and Right Wor. Drewsuki Right Before Being Commissioned by the Grand Master

Very Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale is Received by the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master,  and Grand Lecturer 

Your First Erie Masonic District Team - Right Wor. Michael E. Storck - D.D.G.M - Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale - A.G.L - Right Wor. Gary Galbreath - Gard Steward 

The Colors

The Grand Standard 
Saint John's Day is a special day for Masons all over the world. It is a time for all in the Craft to gather and celebrate all that it is to be a Freemason. In New York we are so luck to have the Masonic Care Community in Utica. This amazing campus is home to many of the Grand Lodge of New York's charitable efforts. The Masonic Home, the Masonic Medical Research Lab,  the physical collection of the Livingston Library , the famous Tompkins Chapel,  and the historic Knight Templar Building. If you have not taken the time to visit your Masonic Care Community you are shorting yourself - take a look at all you are missing

This Saint John's Day was historic for a few reasons. First, our Grand Master , the Most Worshipful William J. Thomas, went out of his way to build an event that was much more family centered then in past Saint John's days. Events were held for people of all ages, with a special section for the Might Run coming up in September. Second, this was on of the few times in recent memory that Assistant Grand Lecturer were not only invited but obligated by the Grand Lecturer and received by the Grand Master. This was a very big deal as our very own Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale has been appointed as A.G.L of First Erie. All appointed and elected officers from the Eire Districts were there and it was just wonderful. As always the hospitality rooms were amazing and the fellowship epic. If you missed it next year do yourself the favor and go. It is worth every minute and it is your right as a Mason to travel. So get to it!

At St. John's Day Very Wor. Di Natale was able to deliver the $1000.00 check for the Masonic Care Community The R.J.K.F.C raised at the Bar Takeover. After speaking with Right Wor.  Jones, the Care Community needs more service from all of us. They have a wish list of needs. They think our efforts would be best spent in helping them get something off that list. I know we are all up for the challenge! Lets help our Masonic Care Community!

The Grand Line in the East

Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 14. 2014 - Fort Degree, 200 Years of Unity and 202 Years of Freemasonry in Buffalo, New York

The 1812 Buffalo Militia Degree Team

Wor. Frederick G. Clark , S.W - Ver. Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale, Master - Wor. Nathan Shoff, J.W. 

The Past Masters and Master of Harmonie Lodge No. 699

Bro. Hornberger and Bro. McMullen, Proud sons of Buffalo! 

The Militia march out of the Fort

Old Fort Erie

Our Host - Bro. Sam Stark

The end of the War of 1812 marks a special place in the hearts for all the people of Buffalo and Fort Erie. It marks the end of a frontier war the claimed cities and many sons and fathers who went off to fight on both sides of the border.  It also marks a start to a time of healing that would lead to two countries becoming very close. The U.S.A and Canada share the longest undefended boarders between countries in history. It also marks the foundation of Freemasonry in Buffalo, New York.

The settlers of the city brought Freemasonry with them as soon as their were more than a few log cabins that would one day for the center of New Amsterdam - now Buffalo. Formal meetings can be traced to the Village of Clarence well before the 1800s. A Lodge would seek formal organization until the earlier in the 1800s. Due to issues getting the funds required to the Grand Lodge in New York, a Lodge in the City of Buffalo would not form until 1812. Most Worshipful Dewitt Clinton in honor of the Brothers that lost everything in the burning of Buffalo by the English gave a full charter to Western Star Lodge No. 239. The Lodge was unable to meet until 1814, after the war,  as many of the men that made up the Lodge were off fighting in local militia units.

In commemoration of this historic event for Freemasonry and our two countries, the Brothers of our Sister Lodge, Palmer Lodge No. 372 - Fort Erie, Canada - invited us to exemplify the 1st Degree of Masonry for them. To add to this very special occasion the Brothers of Harmonie dressed as the Buffalo Militia that were operating in the area during the war. In fact, the last time there were this many Masons from Buffalo in the Fort they were burning it down! This visit ended a little better for both sides.

This was an absolute honor for both Lodges. To our knowledge we are the only Lodge's on either sides of the border that have done anything to commemorate the ending of the war and the unity felt on both side of our boarder towns. After doing this the Brothers on both sides agree that  Degree team modeled after the War of 1812 would be a wonderful idea to share the proud history on both sides and a remembrance of those that gave it all.

Thank you so much to Wor. Sir Clark Stickland and all the Brothers of Palmer for organizing this event and making us part of history.

In commemoration the Harmonie Lodge is selling a medal. The proceeds of the sale will be donated the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Library and Museum. Price is $10 a medal, plus $3 shipping. Please contact Very Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale at to order.

Fort Degree Medal

145th of Harmonie Lodge Officers - June 11, 2014

2014-15 Officer Line - Master - W∴ Joshua Keim, Master

Past Master's Apron gifted by the Members and Friends of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 to Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale

Inside Apron Details 

Just amazing! That is the only thing that can be said about this evening. The Lodge welcomed over 60 Brothers, their ladies, and their families. This was the first open Installation of Officers Harmonie has had in close to ten years.  It was wonderful to see the Festive Board Table filled with so many wonderful people. The Lodge welcomed R∴W∴ Christopher Hough, Junior Grand Deacon, Grand Lodge of the State of New York and our District Deputy Grand Master, R∴W∴ Michael Storck. The Brothers gifted a beautiful Past Master's Apron to Very Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale, our most junior Past Master. Special thanks need to be given to Wor. Clark for organizing this very special gift.  

This even was so very special for so many reasons. Wor. Joshua Keim had the honor of being Raised,  Invested, and Installed by his Grandfather, Wor. Milton Keim 1963, D.S.A.. It has been almost 40 years since Wor. Keim, D.S.A has been in the East, to have been able to do all this for Wor. Joshua Keim is more than most Masons could hope for in a lifetime. Wor. Keim's family was in strong attendance and his father took many wonderful photos that are still being edited. We hope to have those up for those that missed the nights event soon on the website 

Congratulations to Wor. Joshua Keim, Master of Harmonie Lodge. The Lodge knows he will do wonderful things with his time in the East. 

2014-15 Officers of Harmonie Lodge No. 699 
Master - W∴ Joshua Keim

Senior Warden - W∴ Fredrick G. Clark II

Junior Warden - Bro. Benjamin J. Kaminski 

Secretary - Bro. John Budowski 2012 - 2015

Treasurer - Bro. Christopher L. Samul 2012 - 2015

Senior Deacon - Bro. Donald Monheim

Junior Deacon - Bro. Barry McLaughlin

Senior Master of Ceremony - Bro. Daniel Augustnek

Junior Master of Ceremony - Bro. Anthony Marchiloi 

Senior Stewards - Bro. Nicholas Hornberger

Junior Stewards - Bro. Brad Wagner

Marshal - Bro. Dennis McMullen

Chaplain - Bro. William Chapin II - 2012 - 2015 - Trustee - 2013-2016

Musical Director - Bro. Nonso Ilogu

Tiler - Bro. Peter Schank

2014-17 Trustee - W∴ Gerard E. Schultz Jr. - Master 1999, 2003, 2007

2014-15 Trustee - V∴W∴Daniel J. Di Natale - Master 2013, 2014

Installing Team 
Installing Master - V∴W∴Daniel J. Di Natale - Assistant Grand Lecturer First Erie Masonic District - Master 2013, 2014

Installing Chaplin- R∴W∴Michael E. Storck. - District Deputy Grand Master of the First Erie Masonic District

Installing Marshall - W∴ Gerard E. Schultz Jr. - Master 1999, 2003, 2007

Obligation to Master - W∴ Milton Keim - Distinguished Service Award, Master - 1963