Monday, October 13, 2014

Fervency and Zeal: Presented by Tonawanda-Keystone Chapter No. 71- October 8, 2014

Companion Di Natale Dressed as High Priest

Right Excellent Coleman Conducts Wor. Kiem to "Mark Master Degree"

Right Excellent Coleman Conducts Wor. Kiem to the 'Virtual Past Master Degree"

The Most Excellent Master Degree

The Holy Royal Arch Degree

The Companions of Tonawanda-Keystone with Wor. Keim  
On October 8th the Lodge invited the Companions of Tonawanda-Keystone and Right Excellent Gerald T. Colman , District Deputy Grand High Priest,  into the Lodge for the "Fervency and Zeal" program. This wonderful program covers the degrees found in the Royal Arch. As of the last few years the Brothers of Harmonie Lodge have had a renewed interest in York Rite Masonry. A few Brothers of the Lodge have joined but many more have questions as to why they should look for light in the York Rite bodies. This amazing program answers many questions to the inquiring Brother and leaves them with many more about the Degrees they have already passed and why they should complete the story told in the Craft Lodges. The Lodge thanks Tonawanda-Keystone for their wonderful program and looks forward to seeing many of our brothers entering their ranks.