Sunday, March 29, 2015

10th Annual Ward A. Peterson Event - March 25th


Bro. Chris Walters - Pork Sorcerer - Owner of Das Waffle 

Bro. Nonso is Winning it all for the Ward! 

Brother Bring a Friend Display

The Master Lines up His Shot

The Good Doctor - Surprised that He Lost the Raffle.....Again.....
Thank you all! It has been ten years since the Ward. A Peterson Memorial Event first started. It has taken on a few different forms over the years but each event has had one common theme at its core, Masonic benevolence. This event truly bring all those things that makes Masonry the organization it is, undivided fellowship and relief.

For the last five years the proceeds from this event have gone to the Ward A. Peterson Fund, the Lodge's benevolence fund. Each cent goes directly to Masonic assistance to our Brothers in need and their families. The fund itself was restarted about five years ago and in that time due to the generosity of Masons has raised and contributed well over $10,000 to direct assistance to Masons and their families in need.

This event in celebration of the ten year anniversary of the Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club was a very special Ward Event. it was scattered by Bro. Chris Walters of Das Waffle. It was simply amazing food. The raffle tables were just as strong as they have been in the past years. Like always a few Brothers had luck with them and walked away with some wonderful prizes. The Ward Fund did well as well adding a very sizable sum to its coffers.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club - Super Fez Night at DBGBs

Wed. March 11, 2015

Every year.

Every year something comes up and forces the Fellowcraft Club to act on the fly. But snow storms and broken water mains can't hold us back. On a night when we were supposed to hold the Ward A. Peterson Charity Pool and Poker tournaments, the Club switched gears and held the first ever Super Fez Night at Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar. Thanks to Bro. J.J. Alfieri and his staff, the Brothers of the RJK Club were able to show up in style, rocking their glorious fezzes, and enjoy a delicious spread of appetizers and a wide variety of beverages. 

Once in a while, it's nice to just kick back and hang out with your Brothers. Pröst!

Oooooh the wings. So tasty.

Current and former Presidents of the RJK Club

Don't tell these guys fezzes aren't cool.

El Presidente, Bro. Jon Korta

Thank you Bro. Alfieri for everything you do for Harmonie Lodge!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 15, 2015 - Erie Masonic Districts March in the City of Buffalo Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Bro. Donald Monheim and his shamrocks! 

Dancing Leprechauns 

Brother President Korta Flying the Banner

Bro. Koller marching as the kids favorite the Zuleika Grotto No. 10 Dragon Unit 

Out Driver Bro. John Bukowski

The Head of the Column 

Prophet Daniel J. Di Natale, Bro. Schriven, and Bro. Donald Monheim 

80,000 People!!!!!! 
Sunday March 15th the City of Buffalo celebrated Saint Patrick’s day with the 75th Annual Parade. This iconic event is one of the largest in the United States, this year alone it attracted some 80,000 people to downtown Buffalo. This event is organized by the United Irish-American Association in Buffalo - and spans from Niagara Square to North Street, some two miles. This is the first time in a very long time that the Masons of Buffalo marched in the parade. Brothers from first and Second Erie gathered with their families to decorate the float and take part in a wonderful afternoon…even though it was cold..and rainy.
The float and Units was sponsored by our own Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club and the Zuleika Grotto No.10. Special thanks need to go to Brother President Jon Korta for organizing the event, Right Worshipful Robert Chapmen for bringing the Grotto unit gear for us to use, and Brother John Budoswki for organizing the float with his wife and kids. All in all we had some 15 or so Masons and their family members out in the parade. The response was very positive from both the parade organizers and the crowd. One of the organizers told me that is was wonderful to see the Masons back. We even got recognized by Sen. Chuck Schumer! 
I look forward to doing it again. I know we will have even more Brothers and their families out next year. I know we are all looking forward to the Lancaster 4th of July Parade. We had amazing attendance last year from the whole Masonic family and I know it will be even greater this year.
Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sister Lodge Visitation - Palmer Lodge No. 372 , Fort Erie, Canada - February 17, 2015

Wor. Matthew Stickland and Wor.  Joshua Keim

Wor. matthew Stickland - Very Worshipful Daniel J. Di Natale - Worshipful Joshua Keim 

The Brothers of Harmonie Lodge in the East of Palmer Lodge 

Worshipful Keim with s stool.....or a spent shell from World War I that they use for a stool. ..
The Newly Renovated East of Palmer Lodge 

The Newly Renovated Palmer Lodge Room
"How good and how pleasant is it for Brothers to dwell in unity". That verse of the Great Light best describes our visitation to our sister Lodge to the North, Palmer Lodge. No. 372, Fort Erie, Canada. This was supposed to be the night of a 2nd Degree for Palmer but the Brother being Passed was called into work at the last moments and the Degree is nothing without its candidate.

With nothing really going on Wor. Stickland advised that we hold off our visit until the Degree but it being awhile since Harmonie visited we decided to still cross the boarder. Something I know both Lodges were very happy to have happen, as the fellowship after, before, and during the communication was tremendous. A true example of finding a home in Masonry no matter where you are, sister Lodge or not. If you have not had the pleasure of visiting our sister Lodge yet, please do. They are wonderful hosts and amazing Brothers. It is your right as a Master Mason to travel and with a relationship like we have with Palmer you have no excuses. Get out there!

Something new to their Lodge is the beautifully renovated Lodge room. What started as simply changing out the worn carpet became a full gut and redo. It is simply a wonderful Masonic space worth of the quality work done by our Brothers to the North. One more reason to get out a visit! With the 3rd Degree coming up in April we are expecting to return their hospitality with a few of them coming to visit us. Something I know the Lodge is very much looking forward to.