Monday, June 13, 2016

Beer vs Wine - Wed May 18'th, 2016

For those members in attendance this night - it was a GREAT program. After our meeting, we met downstairs for fellowcraft and a friendly competition between two brothers of Harmonie Lodge. Bro. Neil Kratzer representing The Wine Room and Bro. Ryan Bonnett of Consumers Beverages decided to go head to head in a pairing of Beer vs Wine for three rounds.

Food was prepared by the staff DBGB's/Gypsy Parlor under Bro. JJ Alfieri's eye, and consisted of bratwusrt and sauerkraut, Pierogi with caramelized onions and roasted brussel sprouts.  The spread was just short of Harmonie's legendary German Table Lodge.

There were 3 rounds of competition - one to pair with the sausages, one for the pierogi and lastly one for dessert.  The wine's represented were:
  1. Molino a Vento - Rosato dry rose from scily
  2. Paul Anhuser Blanc de Noir - white Pinot noir.
  3. And Rosato sweet Italy red.   
The beers were:
  1. Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold. 
  2. Brooklyn East India Pale Ale.
  3. Ballast Point Calm Before the Storm.

After 3 rounds Beer just edged out wine with a score of 2 to 1. Although - honestly, that night EVERYONE won. Hopefully these two will be up for a rematch next year.