Monday, September 28, 2015

September Communications Coverage

It’s been a great month for presentations at Harmonie Lodge this month.  On September 10th – A.G.L , Very Wor. Daniel DiNatale presented a wonderfully colorful history of Harmonie herself.  Most of the presentation was based on our public history found on the Harmonie Website at: But he also filled in with stories and histories based on his tours of Forest Lawn Cemetery, local buildings and personal anecdotes and remembrances of past members and masters.  On September 24th we were treated to a wonderful lecture from our Master, Wor. Joshua Keim, on the symbolism of the Lewis – and in particular what it means to him having a grandfather in the craft who is a DSA member of Harmonie – and what it means having his own Lewis now.  This is a lecture he also presented at the Lodge of Research. 

Bro. Jonny Newman 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 27th - D.D.G.M's Official Visitation and D.S.A Presentation

Harmonie Lodge and the First Erie Leadership Team with Wor. Shultz, D.S.A

The Award

Very Wor. Di Natale Presents the Potts to Wor. Keim and Harmonie Lodge

Wednesday August 27th saw the first official visitation of the of the DDGM Right Wor. Michael Storck - representing Most Wor. William J Thomas - and his District Team to Harmonie Lodge No. 699 O.M. The Erie District Team consists of Wor. Walter Cook, Wor. John W. Koller, Bro. Chris Siegel, Wor. Harry Angus “Gus” Campbell, Right Wor. Gary Galbreath, and Very Wor. Daniel Di Natale – each bringing their greetings and messages to the brethren of Harmonie Lodge. 

Wor. Gus Campbell spoke about the important of the Brotherhood Fund, and how important it is to us as Masons, and admonished to not set our Brothers aside when the time comes. Bro. Chris Siegel spoke to the Brethren about the Masonic Youth organizations such as DeMolay, Triangles and Order of the Rainbow – letting the brethren know about their good works and the importance of directing youths and welcoming them into our Masonic family. Wor. John Koller talked about “The Council” and their plans to increase Masonic intercourse between the lodges and increase the cooperation and brotherhood between First and Second Erie Districts by sharing events, collaborating and helping each other to grow and succeed. Wor. Walter Cook gave an excellent presentation about the Livingston Library and their plans to digitize collections and make them more widely accessible as well as updating the Masonic Reading Program making it more accessible as well. The Livingston Library is looking for senior masons willing to be interviews and share their stories so we don’t lose bits and pieces of our history and traditions. Right Wor. Daniel Peters talked to the Brethren about the masonic Care Community, which is one of the jewels of the Grand Lodge of New York. Very Wor. Daniel Di Natale spoke about the Northstar Project, the Ritual Renaissance program – of which Bro. Dennis McMullen is the Harmonie Coordinator, School of Instruction and the Grand Lecturer’s Convention which is Oct 26th. He also presented Wor. Joshua Keim and Harmonie Lodge with the Howard W. Potts award. Right Wor. Gary M. Galbreath spoke further about our Masonic Education – touching on the School of Instruction as well as the Lodge of Research. He admonishes us to keep all members relevant – both the new and especially the older members, their wisdom and experience is invaluable to a lodge.

Right Wor. Michael Storck conveyed the messages from Most Wor. William J Thomas. On top of a wonderful evening of presentations and fellowship –The  Grand Lodge of the State of New York presented Wor. Gerard Schultz the Distinguished Service Award. Bro. William Genrich spoke about Wor. Gerard Schultz – how he invited and inspired him to join the craft and their long history together in Masonry.

All in all an wonderful evading for the Craft and Harmonie Lodge!
Bro. Johnny Newman