Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saint John's Day Weekend - Check Presentation to the Masonic Care Community - June 27, 2015

Very Wor. Daniel J. Di Natale Presenting the donation to the Masonic Care Community 

Congratulations Harmonie Lodge No. 699 - O.M. - 

This year's efforts for the Care Community accounted for $800.00 of giving. I know what you are thinking. $800 is good but what can that do for a multi million dollar facility like the Masonic Care Community? Well Brother, it does a lot!

There are many projects and programs our Care Community runs that are unfunded, unfinished, or not in the total scope of the budgeting in operating the facility. A few times each year the Community builds a list of such items required to fill those gaps, hoping that donations will help complete their design. This year our $800 donation went to help finish a section of the music therapy program that otherwise might not have been funded. Our efforts will directly impact the lives of residence at the Care Community undergoing music therapy everyday. A gift of harmony from Harmonie. Does not get better then that!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Livingston Library Night - April 25, 2015

The R.J.K. Fellowcraft Club presenting a check to the Livingston Library for all funds raised in the past year.
From left to right: Bro. Jon Korta, President of the Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club, R:.W:. W. Bruce Renner, Trustee and President of the Livingston Library, W:. Joshua Keim, Master

In 2014, the Ronald J. Keel Fellowcraft Club focused it's charitable efforts on assisting the Chancellor Ronald R. Livingston Masonic Library. Due to the hard work and dedication of our members, we were able to present a $500 check to R:.W:. W. Bruce Renner, who was so kind to represent the Library and share with us some of the exciting new developments of the Library.

The Library has been inundated with the task of digitally archiving thousands of pieces of history from Lodges all over New York State, much of which is in a dilapidated state. They are also in the process of digitizing every piece of literature in their collection, for greater ease of use of the Library's borrowers.

Every dollar that the Fellowcraft Club has raised is going straight to the Library to help aid in their task of preserving the vast amount of Masonic education and history in their possession. I want to thank all who have donated, not only their money, but their time, and to thank R:.W:. Renner for paying us a visit, and updating the Brethren on the important service the Library provides for New York Masons.