Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bro. Guzak's Masonic Etiquette and Protocol

Dear Brothers,

On July the 25th our own Junior Warden, Bro. Michael P. Guzak, gave his first original program to Harmonie Lodge. His topic was on Masonic Etiquette and Protocol. He covered all the little details you just do not learn unless someone teaches them, like the proper way to wear your apron and how to give the "Sign of Fidelity" the right way. He did a wonderful job and stimulated much conversation around the Festive Board. I am very proud of his efforts and look forward to him teaching again.

Many Brothers expressed interest in learning more about this subject. I would suggest they read "Freemasonry and its Etiquette" by Bro. Willam Campbell-Everden (ISBN 0517259141). It is a classic on the subject and you can pick it up on Amazon from under $1!

Recap on 2012 German Table Lodge

Dear Brothers,

What an amazing event, one of our finest Table Lodges yet. Special thanks needs to be given to Bro. Steve Kelly and Bro. Ryan S. Bonett, the magic workers in the kitchen. The food was flawless. A visitor that had lived in Germany stated to me that this was better than anything he had eaten while living in Germany. That is an amazing complement. We were honored to have two visiting Masters of Lodges and good friends of our Lodge, W:. Gargano of Living Stone Lodge No. 255 and W:. Tyler of Ancient Landmarks Lodge No. 358. We were also honored to visiting our Table Lodge as a guest, Mr. Dario Tazzioli. He is a world renowned artist commissioned by the Vatican. His interest in learning more about Freemasonry lead him to Bro. Cody Kroll and to our table. It was on honor to have spoken with him. The night concluded with W:. Daniel J. Di Natale and W:. Fredrick G. Clark making those in attendance "Turtles". Be very careful at Harmonie Brothers, you may just owe a few drinks! I have updated the Harmonie website with the event pictures. Please check them out it was a night to remember,