Thursday, October 27, 2016

Concordant Bodies Visit - The Shriners - Wed Oct 26'th 2016

As a mason grows, he sometimes yearns for more light which finds his path to the concordant bodies of Masonry.  Harmonie often has a night for visitations from the various concordant bodies where the brothers can be filled in what they are about.  Last night W. James Mirusso - High Priest and Prophet, as well as brother Mike Hackford - Chief Rabban of Ismailia Shriners visited to give a presentation.

And the Nobles of Harmonie:

Along with their presentation - the Nobels presented a video of what the Erie Shriners Hospital does - and mentioned the visitation day at the hospital.

Links for brothers interested in the shrine:  - The homepage for the Ismailia Shriners.

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