Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Third Degree - Saturday Apr 8, 2017

Harmonie 699 3'rd Degree and visitors

Harmonie 699 just raised three new Master Masons, and the first from our North Star program.   We'd like to welcome MM Kyle Clever, Cullan Donnelly and Nicholas Mogavero

We also had a wonderful visitation from our Canadian brethren from Claud M. Kent Lodge not 681 in Oakville - welcoming Trever Isaac, Brian Chaytor Jr and Sr. and W:. Bryce McBain.

The degree was a day for Lewises.  Not only were two of our visitors Father and Son - but we had two Lewises being raised this day.

Bros.  Jeffrey and Kyle Clever.

Bros. Cullan and Mark Donnelley

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